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The Hammer of the Law – The libertarian case for marriage

On 27 November 2007, the legal hammer fell on Massachusetts’ resident David Parker as he lost his court battle to determine what moral teaching his child would receive at school. It was the culmination of a legal case that began in April 2006 after Parker discovered (in early 2005), that the school was teaching his son about homosexual relationships and transgenderism.

In one of the most lawless legal rulings you’ll ever read, Parker and by extension every parent in Massachusetts, was plunged into the Orwellian nightmare that comes when gay marriage has the backing of legal force from the state. After running around looking for any possible justification for his views, Judge Mark Wolf ruled that:

  1. Now that gay marriage is legal the state had a duty to normalise homosexual relationships.
  2. The school could use teaching materials and methods to that end.
  3. The school had no obligation to notify parents when this was happening.
  4. You cannot ‘opt-out’ your children from such teachings.

In dismissing Parker’s rights, the Judge actually asserted (wrongly) the states’ rights.

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The sickness in the heart of the Victorian government

The Victorian government is at it again. Following on from its atrocious Safe Schools program, which seems to do everything but make schools safe (you can read about it here), it has overstepped its role and usurped parental authority in another way.

As reported in The Weekend Australian today, Daniel Andrews and his gang have introduced a program that will allow student to circumvent parental permission and access medical treatment, including the pill, without their parents or guardians knowing about it. This will allow a girl as young as 11 to obtain a prescription for contraceptives from school and the parents will be none the wiser. Also, the guidelines suggest that teachers will have the authority to overrule parents who have objected to their child seeing a doctor during school time. 

Let that sink in for a moment. 

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The World’s Leading Hypocrites – The BBC

Last week the BBC revealed the salary rates for employees earning over £150k per year. The furore has been immense with three distinct themes being clear. There is an enormous pay gap between the two genders (that’s male and female if you were unsure), between race and between class. The BBC is one of the world leaders in lecturing others about equality, racism and classism and to no one’s surprise, they are the world leaders in the very things on which they presume to chide others. Continue reading

Profits at First Sight – Social Science Expose

So Married at First Sight is over for another year, at least that’s the promise Channel 9’s made to everyone. Now men across the country can get the TV back on Sunday Nights.

Apparently 14,000 people have applied to be involved in the next round of this ‘social experiment’. Now I must admit, there are some days when I wake up and just think to myself, ‘just how can I screw up my life today?’ We’ve all done it at one time or another, swim with sharks, default on a payment to the Mafia, apply for Married at First Sight. Yeah, everyone self-destructs from time to time but 14,000? After what we’ve all seen, did Kool-Aid make a comeback and I didn’t hear about it? Continue reading

Citizen Saves State at State Request

Earlier this month an amazing thing happened on Channel 9. The broadcaster showed an incredible recording of Ashad Russell rescuing a police deputy from criminal attack. The viewing is remarkable, not only in content but more so because they actually showed it.

On 14 November 2016, Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes of Lee County Florida, had stopped Edward Strother on the highway and was subsequently attacked. Strother managed to get the better of Bardes and was on top of the deputy, striking him and trying to grab the deputy’s gun.

Enter Ashad Russell – responsible citizen. Continue reading

What do stealth bins and jaywalking have in common?

‘What’s a stealth bin’? I’m glad you asked!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working in a Greenstar building you may have come across the latest thing. No one’s allowed to have their own bin at their desk. Everything has to be taken to a ‘central’ bin where there is the option of placing it in the recycling or regular waste. The idea being that it kinda forces everyone to separate, recycle and cuddle puppies. Fine and dandy and helpful to the environment and all that lovely stuff except for one problem, people find ways around it. They find ways around it because as per human behavior from time immemorial, anytime we find a stupid rule we obey when watched and ignore when not. Continue reading

Married at First Sight, how about no?

So, Married at First Sight is on again and this time it’s going on longer than an Oakeshott speech but fortunately it’s far more entertaining.

My interest in the show is in the abysmal track record of the experts that match up the couples. You’d have the same ratio of success if you pulled names out of a hat and got a blind monkey to put them together. Human relationships are so much more complicated than formulae and calculations on a board. The gloss they try to put on it is as amusing as the antics of the couples themselves. Continue reading

Protest overkill…. a problem of brand recognition

 “A protest has value when a cause has value”

It’s the season for protests again. How do we know? Why, the elite got election results they didn’t like. So now it’s time to get out into the streets, smash things, burn cars and destroy peoples property. Yeah, that’ll work, if anything makes the population change their mind and do what you want it’s destruction. Continue reading

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