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Citizenship Test – PM tries to grab the populist vote

Earlier this month the Prime Minister decided to get out of his ‘smallest target possible’ mode and say something that might win him back some support. The issue was immigration and the PM decided to listen to some concerns from all those ‘people’ out there. Like the guy buying the lovely girl some drinks at the bar, while showing interest in your personality and insightful views, he’s actually after one thing and in this case, it’s your vote. Apparently Mark Textor has been re-evaluating his view that conservative voters don’t have anywhere else to go and don’t matter anyway and the PM decided to act. Continue reading

Greens Energy Policy – Can you have the green without the red

Do you live in Queensland?

Do you suffer from high power bills?

Never fear, The Greens are here!

Like a knight in shining green armour they’re riding over the energy landscape on a policy steed to save you ‘up to’ $370 per year. This is great, because viewing my power bill every quarter the first thing I think to myself is, ‘what would The Greens do about this’? Yes indeed, when it comes to economic management The Greens are the first people society looks to for answers. Continue reading

Profits at First Sight – Social Science Expose

So Married at First Sight is over for another year, at least that’s the promise Channel 9’s made to everyone. Now men across the country can get the TV back on Sunday Nights.

Apparently 14,000 people have applied to be involved in the next round of this ‘social experiment’. Now I must admit, there are some days when I wake up and just think to myself, ‘just how can I screw up my life today?’ We’ve all done it at one time or another, swim with sharks, default on a payment to the Mafia, apply for Married at First Sight. Yeah, everyone self-destructs from time to time but 14,000? After what we’ve all seen, did Kool-Aid make a comeback and I didn’t hear about it? Continue reading

18C and The Doctrine of Emotional Protectionism

Who gave you this authority?

Anytime authority is exercised over you a legitimate question to ask is, ‘who gave you this authority?’ As the discussion about 18C & D continues in Australia, a thought should come to mind whenever you turn your attention to the issue. When was this ever discussed at an election? When did my local MP ever bring this up in communication with me? Continue reading

‘No bias at the ABC’, in other news ‘no Catholicism at the Vatican’

In a stunning display of ideological incompetence, the Prime Minister appointed his friend, Justin Milne, to fill the role of chairman of the ABC. Justin is so unsuited for the job he can’t even see the bias that’s so obvious to the general public. He appears to have no ability to detect or understand information bias and thinks that everyone should take his word for it that everything’s just hunky-dory. This move is so bad that it makes Tony Abbott’s awarding a Knighthood to Prince Philip look like a piece of cultural genius. Continue reading

Citizen Saves State at State Request

Earlier this month an amazing thing happened on Channel 9. The broadcaster showed an incredible recording of Ashad Russell rescuing a police deputy from criminal attack. The viewing is remarkable, not only in content but more so because they actually showed it.

On 14 November 2016, Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes of Lee County Florida, had stopped Edward Strother on the highway and was subsequently attacked. Strother managed to get the better of Bardes and was on top of the deputy, striking him and trying to grab the deputy’s gun.

Enter Ashad Russell – responsible citizen. Continue reading

Greens politician shows his skill at property management

Now and again the world gets a real life opportunity to catch a glimpse what would happen if the inmates actually managed to take over the asylum. Unfortunately these glimpses are gained at a high economic and social cost. Fortunately a recent event in Brisbane has given us a relatively cost free insight into what lies in wait for us, not down a dark alley but down a Green alley. Continue reading

What you can learn from Twitter about 18c

There’s been plenty written about 18c in the past few months with many media organisations and personalities coming out strongly for repeal.  Some of those have personally been at the pointy end of the law and are acutely aware of its dangers. This article doesn’t seek to add to their important work but instead brings attention to the love affair the left has with 18c and their strategy for keeping it. Continue reading

Is that a paleo pear in your pocket or are you just glad to see my money?

Did you see that drama on TV the other night with the accountants designing a spreadsheet and working on their presentation? Nah, me neither.

There’s a reason you don’t generally see programs about that sort of thing. It’s because it’s really boring and just like real life. Dramas are about cops and robbers, spies and espionage, good versus evil and even then aren’t actually close to reality. Continue reading

Man Wears Flag Pin Upside Down – Yes… this is actually what passes for news now

At a press conference on Friday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, wore a flag pin upside down. Yes, that’s the whole story right there, a flag pin upside down. This is big. It’s almost as big as #Vault7 and demands as much scrutiny.

These are some of the press organisations that ran a story about it:

The Washington Post (Democracy Dies in Darkness). Glad you’ve suddenly discovered this after eight years. Continue reading

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